SIS | SMS Managed Services

The student management system or student information system refers to a database management process to create, store and maintain the complete academic record a student achieves throughout the life cycle of student at institution.

The managed services division provide a wide array of solutions to meet the needs of small to large scale institutions.

 Managed Services

Let us begin the journey with some highlights below.

  1. Managed Hosting Services
    • 99.9% uptime\availability of SIS|SMS databases guaranteed
    • Data security, backup and retention policies available to protect your data
    • Stress-Free implementation solution for new adoptions or migration of eLearning SIS|SMS from self-hosted or other vendor
  2. Managed Support Services
    • Custom Reporting
    • Client support and hands-on training
    • Training certification program available
    • Application and Database management
    • Records Migration
      • Paper to Digital Migration
      • Data Entry and Records Migration
      • Quality Assurance and Records Management
  3. Managed Solutions Development
    • Customized solutions to interact with existing data-sources

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